Texas Really Is Like Its Own Country

Posted by Roberto Cline on October 7, 2017

Many people say that Texas is essentially like its own country. Despite being an overall proud part of the United States, TX is absolutely expansive and it has a wide variety of different cultures throughout its abundant population. Whether you’re in Austin or Dallas or anywhere between, there are a wealth of different local atmospheres to take in. Many longtime residents have yet to even experience the entirety of what the great state has to offer.

The top of Texas being like a country in and of itself is rather interesting given common talk of secession. For a multitude of reasons, murmurings have surfaced about Texas potentially cutting ties with the rest of the United States. It would certainly be quite an ordeal should that ever come to pass. Overall however, most Texans are more than happy to call themselves Americans as well. As one of the most well known areas of the US, it would certainly be a great loss if Texas were to essentially strike out on its own someday.

The large melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds present in Texas is quintessential America, if you really think about it. There isn’t just one type of person, way of life, or ideology present there. Traveling from one corner of the state to the next could take a day (or more) depending on the route you take; there’s literally a lot of ground to cover! Within that great expanse, there are lifetimes upon lifetimes of experiences to lose yourself in.

There’s simply no denying that Texas is a true marvel in every sense of the word. Anyone expressing the notion that it’s essentially like an individual country itself is honestly spot on. If you have yet to at least take a trip through Texas, you owe it to yourself to change that as soon as possible.